Video Games we love💖, re-imagined as original works for performance!

Our second round focuses on the massively popular game Minecraft, as voted by our members for this round. This time we are crafting tracks for Music Disc's to play in game!

Original Music Challenge

Your challenge is to create an original Minecraft track that will be inserted into the game as a Music Disc (via a mod or resource pack). You can create any piece of music you like that you feel is a good fit for the Minecraft aesthetic, though don't be shy to create tracks that might take the game into a new and exciting direction. Music Discs are standalone tracks that the player can pick up as loot and play on an in-game jukebox.

Each challenger can create one track of around 3 minutes in length (not strict) to be included in the Music Disc mod and album. Only original music will go into the album.

Cover/Remix Challenge

You can choose any existing Minecraft track and create a cover of this in your own style. 

Arrangement/Orchestration Challenge:

This is our first arrangement/orchestration challenge. Your challenge is to choose a Zelda track from Round 1 and in consultation with dGecko and the creator of the track, create an arrangement for a live performance, ideally for recording by our own VGMLOVE virtual orchestra! Check the details on the website for the orchestra make up. There is a chat channel on the server in the Challenge Zone to work through questions and details. Look for S09R02 Arrangement Challenge.

Art Challenge:

Your challenge is to create artwork for an album cover that captures the idea of a Minecraft style record on a jukebox, but with a VGML twist!! 

The dates for this challenge are (UTC-0):

Round Start: 2023-Apr-17 00:01

Round End: 2023-May-14 23:59

Voting Start: 2023-May-15 00:01

Voting End: 2023-May-21 23:59 

Round 2 Reward, kindly sponsored by Orchestra Tools.