VGM Hub Guide

A crowd-source database of VGM free for everyone.

Do you want to contribute to a crowd-sourced library of VGM-only music, curated from YouTube playlists? Now you can! Here is the process to contribute to VGM Hub, an independent resource that all VGM Fans will love. First jump over to and create an account using your Gmail account.

Look through the list of games, and if you would like to add a game OST to the database, select that game so you can add to it.
Here is a demo of adding the Minecraft Alpha OST to the database.

Adding an album to the database.

Select the Game in the Games menu. Check as there might be many game records for a franchise. Make sure you add to the right one. If in doubt or your can't find what you want, join the Discord to find out more.

Add a new Album to the game.

In this demo I am adding the Minecraft Volume Alpha OST. Make sure you search to get the official name for the album!

It is really important to get the name of the OST correct, and to ensure you link to the best possible playlist of tracks for the OST. It is best practice to link to the composers playlist if you can.

Add the official OST album cover to the database. Note, you might need to save the art and upload it. Sometimes the copy/paste won't work, just as in the case of using Firefox.

You can use the search function to help find the best image. Try to get the official album artwork if you can.

Now search YouTube for the official album playlist. Its best to search for the artists channel and see if they have a playlist available for the album. Don't use a single video that has all tracks in one video, always search for a good playlist instead so people will be able to listen to individual tracks.
Next we need the playlist URL. To get the playlist URL, click on the playlist name and then Copy Link. >>>

Paste in the URL.

Give the OST a good description. Check out the artists site for suitable text. (Bandcamp is good too.)

Once done, submit the record for the system to ingest. It will create all the records.

If you get an error, try uploading the image instead of copy/paste, and check your playlist URL. Don't worry the system remembers all the details you have entered so far, so its easy to resubmit.
Note: It must be a playlist!

If all goes well the Album will be added to the database for everyone to enjoy. Wait a moment for it to update. It will then appear in the album list for that game. >>>

Tip: If you want to play tracks in order make sure you turn off the random function in the player.

To edit an album, click on the three dots and select edit.

This will let you change the album info.

If you want to change the tracks, click into the album to show the track listing. >>>

You can edit each track, updating the name and the YouTube link. Please make sure the name is the official name, with no extra text, and if you want to point to a better YouTube track, change the YouTube link.

Creating a Collection from the database.

You can create a collection of Games or Albums to share with others. The collection could be a themed list, an artist list, a game specific list, or even your own favourites list.