Round 8: Collaborating

9-Jan to 22-Jan. Deadline: Sunday End of the day 11:59pm 22 Jan UTC-0
Voting: 23 January 2023

"Success is best when shared."

One of the secrets I feel to long term success is the ability to work collaboratively with other people. There is a magic that comes from giving over your idea to someone else to interpret from a different perspective, and a great learning exercise as well.

Your Challenge should you choose to accept it is ...

  • The theme for this round is ICE & SNOW... (which is an album option btw)... so start imagining a game setting that is cold, cold, cold. :-) Apart from that the style is totally up to you.

  • You must team up with one other composer on VGML. You can reach out to someone or ask for a partner in the server. Please post in Season8Chat once you have a partner so everyone knows who is already teamed up.

  • Each of you will write a basic track that includes at least three elements... a melody line, a harmony line, and a chord progression. The track should be about a minute long and less than three minutes. Don't worry about instrument selection or automation, just get the basic notes down.

  • Then export your tracks as three midi files and swap with your partner.

  • You then take your partners track and work it into a full final piece, adding anything you wish to complete the task. You are encouraged to talk with your partner about what they were wanting to achieve with their track, and then see if you can capture this in your work.

  • When done, post your track to the server and credit your collaborator.

Submission Requirements:

  • Post your track to the #challenge-submissions channel on the server as an MP3 audio file before the due date.

  • Please indicate who you teamed up with.

  • Briefly explain how you approached taking your partners track to completion.

  • Your starting track for your partner should be around one minute long. Your finished track can be longer, up to around 3 mins.

If you want to see some discussion on the importance of collaboration in the industry, this panel is a good watch. There are lots of videos out there like this.