Dynamic Music


Round 9: Dynamic music - a music theory project.

23-Jan to 05-Feb. Deadline: Sunday End of the day 11:59pm 05 Feb UTC-0
Voting: 6-12 February

"Dynamic Music is the soul of interactive video games."

They don't call video games interactive entertainment for nothing. It is interactivity that makes them so immersive, and the music for games works best when it is equally interactive. Writing music for interactivity though is a bit different to traditional linear music, and its a critical skill for composers to learn.

For this challenge we will be dipping our toes into one simple form of interactive music - Horizontal dynamic music.


Matt Kenyon will be joining us again for a workshop session, this time talking about dynamic music and why its so important for video games. Join us on the server for Matt's presentation and a Q&A session.

When? https://everytimezone.com/s/004b1fd3

Your Challenge should you choose to accept it is ...

All four parts should be standalone and should flow seamlessly between each other at the end of a bar transition, which remember, could happen at any time if this was in game.

When you record your MP3 to upload to the server, ensure you have a small gap between each of the sections so its clear when we are listening to the next section.

Process in action

One of our members, Tarro57, created a video of the process he followed in completing the challenge. Check it out!!

Submission Requirements:


These videos might help understand the importance and implementation of dynamic music in games.

 >>> SPOILER ALERT on this video!!! <<<<