How challenges work

Step 1 - Suggest a Challenge!

This is your chance to suggest a new challenge for the next round! After a challenge starts we will open up suggestions to all our members for the next round. You can suggest any type of challenge you like, but it must include the ability to create either an original track or a cover track. You can include an image for reference, and a link to a YouTube video if that helps.

Step 2 - Vote for a Challenge!

At any time you can vote for one of the new challenge suggestions for the next round. Vote by hitting the 🗳️ emoji for the challenge that sounds most interesting to you. You can vote for multiple suggestions.

Vote on the Discord Server in the
#challenge-suggestion channel!

The bot will close the suggestions automatically when the current challenge ends and count up the totals, and the suggestion with the highest votes will be the next challenge. If there is a tie, the earliest submitted suggestion will be chosen.

The bot will then post the winning suggestion to the server in the #challenge-announcements channel, and open the next round.

Step 3 - Join the Challenge!

Join the challenge simply by reacting to the Challenge announcement message on the Discord server with a ...💖

Note on submissions: The challenge system uses your official Discord ID to track challenge submissions over time, so if you can, add your Discord ID when submitting your finished tracks. (It's a number of around 18-20 digits long.) To get your ID you need to first turn on Developer Mode in Discord, then you can copy your User ID by clicking on your profile down the bottom. If you don't add your ID your votes received cannot be tracked over time.

Go to User Settings, then Advanced, then turn on "Developer Mode". Once done you can copy your ID here.

Step 4 - Submit your Track

You can start working on your challenge track right away. Once your track is complete you must submit your challenge track on this website (not Discord), and it will then be published on the Discord server automatically ready for voting. Don't submit your track until you are sure it is finished as you can only submit a track once for each challenge round!!!

People can start voting and leaving constructive feedback as soon as the track lands.

Step 5 - Vote and leave Feedback

As soon as a submission is published to the server your can start voting and leaving feedback. For an official vote you can use the 💖 emoji, but feel free to add others if you want as well (they are not counted in voting).

Each submission will have a thread auto-created for it, and you will only be able to post feedback in the threads.