Round 7


Round 7: GameDev Challenge 2 - Chance to have your music appear in a real game development project.

12-Dec to 8-Jan. (4 weeks) Deadline: Sunday End of the day 11:59pm 8 Jan UTC-0

Voting: 9-15 January

“One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor.”

It is probably very premature to call this a game dev opportunity, as it really is just a proto-project at the moment, but.... should it come to pass that this classic PS2 game is reborn as a fan-made game project, which is currently the intention, then it is a wonderful opportunity for a small team of composers to put their own stamp on a legendary story, though in this game, it is a parallel story that intersects with main Fellowship of the Ring story line.

Whether it comes to pass or not, who could pass up the opportunity to write some of their very own Lord of the Rings music!! And that will be your challenge this round. Remember you have 4 weeks this time due to Xmas, so get stuck in an enjoy it.

When the project development starts to take shape (which could be some time away) I will use the submissions from this challenge to invite some collaborators.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is...

Chose any battle scene from the game play video and write an epic Lord of the Rings battle theme to match.

Your track can be as long as you wish.

You should be trying to create a epic battle feel that would befit a Lord of the Rings game, while still putting your own fingerprint on your track.

You can of course interpret this in any way you wish - it does not have to be traditional "movie" LotR music, you can be as creative as your imagination can dream up.

If you want to clip the game play and present as a video you are welcome to do so, but also include you track as an MP3 file please with no sound effects.

Submission Requirements:

  • Post your track to the #challenge-submissions channel.
    mp3 file naming is: [your discord name].
    LotR [name of battle].mp3

  • Optional: Post a video clip of game play with your music - sadly you will loose the SFX I know, but I don't know of any videos without the music turned on.

This is the GBA soundtrack, but you can use this as a reference.

The actual PS2 files are available here.