Chapter 1 - Demons Risings

Welcome to our first VGM Quest challenge round, Chapter 1 of Legends of the Lounge. To understand the background of the world and the setting for this first chapter please watch the introduction video, and then have a read about the VGM Quest World regions.

Each round we will present a complete chapter story arc, with start, encounters along the way, and a boss battle for the climax, before closing the chapter. You know the story arc in advance, but not the final outcome or the details of the encounters. Those are for you to create, along with art and your music track to underscore the encounter! At the end we will put them all together to make an epic music story video!

This Chapter takes us from Homeland, through the Grasslands and into the Wastelands for an epic encounter before returning by sea to Melodia.

Each story chapter is formed from an introduction, a series of encounters and a climatic end game. The introduction and story arc is pre-set, created with the help of the party before we start. Encounters are where you get involved - there is a long list of possible encounters for each story. Some are story-arc encounters, ones that can impact on the story flow and that could add twists and turns to the story, and that drive the party through to the end game. The sequence is set and while not all encounters need to be created to complete the story, there are some that are key. Other encounters are more generic and are there to add flavour and provide alternative music making opportunities. Every member participating gets to apply to generate just one encounter - story, art and music - to contribute to the final music story video, focusing on story encounters first. (Yes, you can get help from others.) At the end is the climax to the story, which is written by the party members, complete with collaborative music. Then there is a close out encounter or two to wrap up the story, which are open for participants to choose. This is a bold experiment and I hope you will embrace the intention, which is to create a type of interactive story/game that is fun and entertaining.

How to approach the challenge:

When approaching this challenge, the idea is to understand that you are creating a link in the chain of the story. Imagine you have been tasked with creating a small section of a video game, an RPG that has a story line, and a defined goal, and your job is to create one of the encounters, with appropriate guardrails to ensure the players feel challenged, but make it through the story to the next chapter. Encounters are flavour that enhance the story, and its really up to you how you want to execute that - be creative, but remember you are a link in the chain and you don't want to break that chain. Its an interesting challenge don't you think?

Help or Hinder:

Each encounter also gives you the chance to influence the outcome of the boss battle.... when you write your encounter you can lean towards helping the party or hindering them, and depending on the count of helps v's hinders, the outcome of the chapter will be decided. You can also choose to be neutral if you prefer, which won't impact the outcome.

Meet the party for chapter 1 - Demons Rising

Each chapter will have a different party and story, and be set in a different part of the world. Server members will be selected by dGecko to form the party and help set the story arc for the chapter. If you want to be a future party member, the best way is to be an active, contributing member of the server and then apply when we call for the next chapters party.

Character Name: Naitra (NiTRo)

Race: Human
Class: Mage
Background: Wanderer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Level: 6

Basic Character Info: Naitra is a mysterious wandering mage who has gained a reputation for her recent heroic deeds, including vanquishing rogue monsters, dealing with banditry, and assisting local communities in the west/north of her homeland. However, her most distinctive trait is her unsettling singing voice, which has been likened to the eerie symphony of The Deadlands. She often offers to sing as a gesture of goodwill, but it's commonly considered off putting. Occasionally, a beautiful tune emerges, followed by ominous occurrences, leaving people uncertain whether she is intentionally mysterious or if it's a quirk of fate.

Known Specialization: Ice Magic

Personality: Naitra is enigmatic and unpredictable, with a tendency to give different answers to personal questions about her origins and favorite spells. She often invents exotic-sounding magical names, but her actions show a preference for ice spells. She is known for her duality, performing both kind deeds and unsettling actions that have made her notorious even among the highest echelons of society. Above all, she is fiercely protective of her "muffs" and "hat," with dire consequences promised to anyone who dares to take them.

Known Spells:


Notable Achievements:



Goals/Motivations: Naitra's true goals and motivations remain a mystery, but her actions suggest a desire to help those in need while maintaining an enigmatic and unpredictable persona. Her commitment to guarding her "muffs" and "hat" is of utmost importance to her, and she goes to great lengths to protect them, even if it means resorting to extreme measures.

Character Name: Sir RackABox (RackBox)

Race: Raccoon
Class: Knight/Engineer
Alignment: Lawful Good

Level: 7

Background: Former Empire Soldier

Basic Character Info: Sir RackABox was born and raised in the heart of the Industrial Heart, where he honed his skills as both a tinker and a soldier. He served the Empire in his youth, utilizing the knowledge gained from his industrial hometown to become a formidable warrior and craftsman. However, as he uncovered the Empire's corruptive and secretive ways, he retired from the army, returning to his industrious roots. He now wields mechanical prowess, enhancing his equipment with sound-emitting machinery to combat the evils wrought by the kingdom he once served.

Species: Raccoon

Traits: Gentlemanly, Careful, and Obedient (traits do not apply when intoxicated).

Playstyle: Melee, Install (Tank or Agile), Support (Buffs and Debuffs)

Weapons and Traits:

Skills and Abilities:


Goals/Motivations: Sir RackABox is on a quest to combat the evil and corruption within the Empire he once served. He seeks to use his unique mechanical abilities and combat skills to protect the innocent and bring justice to those who abuse their power. His loyalty to his homeland and his desire to right the wrongs of the Empire drive him forward on his noble journey.

Character Name: Minuet (Minuet/Midnight)

Race: Elf
Class: Bard / Knight / Sorcerer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level: 6

Background: Wandering Bard

Basic Character Info: Minuet, once a wandering bard from the musical haven of Melodia, found her peaceful life threatened by the encroaching Empire. Fearing for her homeland's safety, she took sword-fighting lessons to complement her magical talents. Now, she's not only a skilled bard but also a swordswoman and sorceress. Her magical sapphire amulet amplifies her musical magic, making her a versatile defender of Melodia.

Traits: Mature, Protective, Intelligent

Playstyle: Melee, Support

Weapons (and their traits):

Amulet Skills: When wearing her magical sapphire amulet, Minuet can channel the hidden healing powers of her Oaken Lute to provide support and healing to her party when needed.

Spells and Abilities:


Goals/Motivations: Minuet's primary goal is to protect her homeland, Melodia, from the Empire's encroachment. She is determined to use her newfound sword-fighting skills and her magical abilities to ensure the safety and freedom of her beloved town. Her intelligence and maturity drive her to seek creative solutions to challenges and to support her party through both music and combat.

Sapphire amulet allows her to cast healing magic.

Joining the party in the Wastelands...

Character Name: Soda (Sodaguys)

Race: Human
Class: Rogue/Assassin
Background: Scavenger
Alignment: Neutral

Level: 5

Basic Character Info: Soda is a rugged scavenger hailing from the Junk Fields, an inhospitable expanse bordering the Wastelands, Glistening Deserts, and Industrial Heart. He once traveled with a group of scavengers who utilized advanced technology to survive the harsh climate and toxicity of their region. Tragedy struck when a merciless mercenary group hired by the Empire ambushed his comrades, leaving Soda as the sole survivor. Determined to avenge his fallen friends and thwart the Empire's oppressive grip, Soda has honed his skills in the unforgiving Junk Fields.


Personality: Soda is a self-reliant and stoic individual, known for his cold demeanor and penchant for keeping his true intentions close to his chest. His experiences in the wastelands have made him wary and cautious of outsiders, especially those affiliated with the Empire.

Playstyle: Soda excels in a Rogue or Assassin role, relying on stealth, cunning, and precision to accomplish his objectives. He thrives in the shadows, striking swiftly and silently when the opportunity arises.



Occupation: Soda's primary occupation is that of a Scavenger, scouring the Junk Fields for valuable resources and salvageable tech. However, he has also taken on the role of a Hired Assassin, targeting Imperial agents and furthering his quest to undermine the Empire's influence.

Goals/Motivations: Soda's overarching goal is to exact revenge on the Empire for the death of his fellow scavengers. He is determined to level the playing field by targeting key Imperial figures and assets, ultimately seeking to disrupt their oppressive rule in the Junk Fields and surrounding regions.

Story overview: 

The party (Sir RackABox, Naitra & Minuet) is summoned by King Okceg of the Homeland, who has received disturbing intelligence that Emperor Zak'ul of the Empire has established a dark alliance. The Emperor sent envoys to make contact with the demon-worshipping Cult of the Black Sun, based somewhere deep in the toxic Wastelands.

The cult is rumored to be mastering profane rituals to summon winged demons and horrors from abyssal planes of existence. Through blood magic and spellcraft, the cultists can bind these creatures into their service as soldiers. If the Emperor gains command of such an otherworldly force, it could destroy the delicate balance of power between the Empire and Homeland.

King Okceg tasks the party to uncover the truth of this alliance and uncover the cult's activities. They will covertly travel from the Homeland through the neutral Grasslands to reach the Wastelands' border. The party must avoid detection by Empire patrols if the can, as they venture towards the Desolation Peaks where swirling dark energies have been reported.

Passing through a stone gorge, the party discovers a hidden ritual site carved into the cliffs. Gathered around the alter, robed cultists chant before a swirling portal as their leader, the sorceress Sycorax, guides a small winged horror into the material realm. Dark runes and spellwork bind the demon to the cult's will. While escaping the site unseen, the party finds cargo manifests showing shipments are being sent to the Empire via caravan.

Following the caravan route through the dangerous Wastes, the party reaches a remote Empire Outpost built to facilitate the alliance. Demons and supplies are stockpiled here until they can be shipped to the Emperor's domain. Infiltrating the fort, the party battles cultists, guards, and a massive chained demon to reach Sycorax in the command tower.

Now it is your turn to write the stories for the encounters that the party has to overcome as they strive to complete their quest!

Choose one of the following story encounters, or one of the secondary encounters if the story encounters are all taken. 

DM dGecko to request to claim the encounter. (Quote the reference code please.) Don't start work on it until you get your claim approved, as someone else may have beaten you to it! If so, you can claim another. (Claimed encounters will be crossed out once allocated.) You can write a short summary of how you expect the encounter story to unfold to support your claim.
Read the full details under "How to Play".

Note: Encounters marked with * are considered important story points that should be covered.

Help or Hinder

This is a bit of an experiment, so we will see how it goes. Hopefully this will make sense. Or it won't, idk.

Each encounter has a suggested leaning towards helping or hindering the party, or they may be neutral encounters. You can choose to write your story to follow that leaning, or your can propose to rewrite the encounter to lean the other way (eg. turn a help scenario into a hinder scenario or vice versa). No matter which way you choose to go, when claiming, you must specify if your encounter is a Help, Hinder or Neutral, and then write it to suit. The outcome must result in the party members surviving and progressing to the next encounter (even for hinder encounters), but whether the encounter goes well for them, or for their enemies, is up to you. :-) Keep your choice of help or hinder private if you want to contribute to the suspense of the ending, as the higher number of help or hinder encounters submitted will determine the fate of the chapter and the outcome of the boss battle. If you choose a non-storyline encounter you can suggest a slot to fit it in between two of the story encounters.

Homeland Encounters

Note: The Party will only include: Sir RackABox, Naitra & Minuet for these encounters.

01 C1H1. While passing through the streets of Melodia, the party hears a bard singing in the town square. His lyrics tell of "winged horrors from the abyssal depths, bound by blood and ash" and "flames that scorch the land when the dark rituals complete." Approaching the bard during a break, he reveals that traders spoke of seeing black-robed strangers carrying unusual materials east through the Grasslands towards the Wastelands. The bard tried questioning them further but they left abruptly. He wrote the song hoping others might know more. [Suggested leaning: Help]

02 C1H2: A peddler approaches the party in a Melodia marketplace claiming to sell enchanted charms that protect against demonic forces. On inspection, the metal trinkets seem ordinary but the peddler insists they hold ancient defensive runes. If pressed, he will reluctantly admit to fabricating the story to earn coins from gullible buyers. Further inquiry reveals the peddler recently returned from the Grasslands where he heard unsettling rumors about demonic activity on the frontier. The charms are his attempt to profit from the fears. [Suggested leaning: Hinder]

03 C1H3: Seeking historical context, the party arranges to meet a scholar at the Royal Archives. They learn that ages ago, sorcerers opened rifts to demonic realms but the spells proved too unstable. While entities could be summoned through the rifts, controlling them was nearly impossible. The demons would usually break free and wreak havoc until banished. The scholar shares old texts describing blood rituals capable of binding demons to a summoner's will - though at a terrible moral cost. Such profane magic has long been banned in the Homeland. [Suggested leaning: Help]

03a C1H4: Custom encounter

Grasslands Encounters

Note: The Party will only include: Sir RackABox, Naitra & Minuet for these encounters.

04 C1G1: While camping on the Grassland plains, the party is ambushed by fast-moving Empire scouts. Catching the party off guard, they aim to interrogate them about their presence so close to the frontier. If negotiations fail, the situation escalates to combat. Among their belongings, the party finds coded Empire missives referencing increased patrols to intercept a “suspicious group from the Homeland” - likely referring to the party. After defeating the scouts, the party realizes their quest is at risk of exposure. [Suggested leaning: Hinder]

05 C1G2: Crossing a shallow river, the party encounters Cloudwalker elders performing purification rituals along the banks. Noting the party seems spiritually burdened, the elders perform cleansing chants and give them medicinal roots to burn as incense. They explain it will help repel wicked forces and clear minds clouded by darkness. Sensing demonic energy in the east, the elders warn the party they walk a dangerous path and to follow the light within over shadows without. [Suggested leaning: Help]

06 C1G3: Approaching the Great Forest, the party encounters Empire scout troops questioning all travelers. The party poses as nomadic herbalists searching for medicinal plants near the forest. The skeptical captain interrogates them about their route and business. With successful bluffing, the party earns passage but the scouts watch them closely. It is clear the Empire is searching for something specific, putting the party's covert mission at risk. They must tread carefully. [Suggested leaning: Hinder]

Great Forest Encounters

Note: The Party will only include: Sir RackABox, Naitra & Minuet for these encounters.

07 C1GF1: Entering the ancient Great Forest, the trees seem closely intertwined as if purposefully obscuring paths into the woods. The party suddenly hears rumbling from the canopy as spores begin gently falling around them like snow. Phosphorescent mushrooms at the base of trees start glowing, creating an otherworldly scene. In the distance, inhuman shrieks echo as if some creature was repelled by the forest's strange reaction. Once the spores settle, the path ahead opens again. The forest itself seems alert to corruption encroaching on its borders. [Suggested leaning: Neutral]

08 C1GF2: As the party navigates twisting trails through the Great Forest, a chattering, giggling sound arises from the treetops. Disembodied voices seem to follow and taunt the party, whispering insults and warning them to turn back. Shadowy figures dart behind nearby tree trunks, keeping pace with the unnerved party. Any attempts to confront the entities are met with mischievous laughter as they vanish into the canopy. The forest spirits' antics delay the party's progress and drain their morale. Only songs and gifts of appreciation pacify them. [Suggested leaning: Help or Hinder]

09 C1GF3: Along an overgrown forest stream, the party discovers a serene grove with a glistening pond fed by a small waterfall. Luminescent stones ring the pond, infusing the grove with soothing vibes. Meditating here renews the party's energy and focus. That night, some receive dreams of a great shadow creeping across the land but are unsure if it is prophecy or anxiety manifesting. Either way, having found a sanctuary amidst the perilous journey lifts the party's spirits to continue their vital quest. [Suggested leaning: Help]

Wastelands Encounters

Note: The Soda will join the party only at the beginning of the Wasteland encounters.

11 *C1W1: Soda joins the party - encounter to be written by Sodaguyz.

12 C1W2: Leaving the forest eaves, the party enters the Wastelands via a rocky canyon pass. Partway through, mechanical clicking and clanking echoes along the cliffs. A rusted automat, cobbled together from refuse by outcasts, blocks the route ahead. It appears to challenge the party's right to pass deeper into wasteland territory, as instructed by its enigmatic creators. The party must either fight past the tenacious automaton or convince it they are no threat to its realm. Its resistance hints at more dangers lying ahead. [Suggested leaning: Hinder]

13 C1W3: Venturing towards Desolation Peaks, the party discovers a crater where some explosive magical event clearly occurred. The earth is scorched in a perfect circle with mysterious symbols and channels carved around the rim. Something incredibly hot and evil emerged here recently, validated by the lingering aura of menace. Scholars in the party recognize components of a summoning ritual meant to draw entities from another plane when properly focused. It seems the party is on the right track towards uncovering the truth. [Suggested leaning: Neutral]

14 C1W4: Needing supplies, the party visits a black market bazaar on the Wasteland border frequented by exiles and shady merchants. They learn the cult recently sent agents here seeking dark relics and materials for binding enchantments. A merchant shows various evil-looking weapons, skulls, poisons, and artifacts traded here daily. With the right social skills, one of the merchants may arrange a meeting with an exile familiar with accessing the area near the cult's temple within the Desolation Peaks. [Suggested leaning: Help]

15 *C1W5: Exploring the Desolation Peaks, the party hears murmuring ahead. They find a hidden path leading to a dark ritual site in a valley, stained with blood and marked with unsettling symbols. Shadowy figures stand chanting around a central altar holding an ancient tome. Mangled animal corpses surround the perimeter. The cult performs sacrifices to open the abyssal portal and summon monstrous minions. The party while hiding observes the ritual undetected, providing critical intelligence, but also shakes the party's spirits. While escaping the ritual site unseen, the party finds cargo manifests showing shipments are being sent to the Empire via caravan. [Suggested leaning: Neutral]

16 C1W6: Seeking the rumored cult’s outpost by following the caravan route, the party meets a heavily cloaked hermit near a jagged ravine. Though wary, he reveals hidden tunnels below that lead into the outposts valley after exacting a promise the party seeks to end the dark rituals. The tunnels bypass the exterior wards and deposit intruders near the outposts entry. With this advantage, the party can infiltrate the cult's lair unseen and gather evidence by illuminating these sinister ceremonies. [Suggested leaning: Help]

Empire Outpost Encounters

17 *C1OP1: The party follows a supply caravan. As the caravan approaches the fort, the party stages an ambush, incapacitating the cultist escorts and disguising themselves as the new escorts. With the cult's own supplies, the party can now infiltrate the outpost. [Suggested leaning: Help]

18 C1OP2: Entering the fort, the party sees chained winged demons overseeing slave labor. The creatures' presence spreads fear, keeping the slaves obedient. The party realizes cult magic must bind the demons to their will for now. They know if violence breaks out, the demons could turn against friend and foe alike. The party sneaks around the fort trying to stay inconspicuous as they learn more about the layout. [Suggested leaning: Neutral]

19 *C1OP3: Exploring the halls of the fort, the party senses being watched. Sycorax glides into view at a balcony above. Her menacing presence makes their blood run cold. The party hides, avoiding her detection, but know she likely expects intruders. To face Sycorax on her terms would be suicidal. The party must catch her unaware. [Suggested leaning: Hinder]
[Music: Sycorax’s theme - this may be a recurring theme for the future]

20 *C1OP4: The party sabotages machinery within the tower, sparking chaos. With the cultists and guards distracted, the party disables demonic wards and unchains one of the smaller winged horrors. As it rampages out of control, the party slips deeper into the complex in the confusion, closer to their goal. [Suggested leaning: Help]

Boss Battle: Created by the Party members.

21 The climax of chapter 1 will be written by the party members, including the climatic boss battle. The outcome of this battle will be determined by your choices to hinder or help the party in all the encounters that precede it. The party members will start work on creating this encounter after most of the encounters have been claimed.

What you need to know: The party and Sycorax will both survive and escape the battle. Who will win, that is for you to determine.

Escape and return to Homeland Encounters

22 C1END1: Reaching the Great Sea, ominous storm clouds appear on the horizon as if summoned by dark forces in pursuit. The swelling waves batter the ship that was waiting for them as thunder booms overhead. Setting sail, the party rushes to help the crew batten down the hatches and tie down cargo sliding across the deck. As the skies open up, the ship is pummeled by powerful winds and stinging rain. The main mast cracks, on the verge of splintering. Below deck, water begins pouring in through breaches in the hull. The situation looks dire. But the mystic stands at the bow, arms raised against the fury of the storm. Chanting loudly, he calls upon ancient ocean spirits to protect the worthy vessel. Suddenly, the winds begin to calm as a glowing aura surrounds the ship. Though the seas remain churned, the ship stabilizes and rides the swells until sunlight pierces the dissipating clouds. The party and crew emerge battered but alive. The captain says they surely would have perished if not for the mystic's intervention. As the sky clears, a pod of dolphins emerges alongside the ship, as if giving blessing for safe passage. With the Wastelands shores now behind them, the party collects itself for the journey's final leg home. [Suggested leaning: Neutral]

23 C1END2: The party reports to the King what they have found, turning over the evidence collected, and are maybe are rewarded with gold and a feast if it went well. [Suggested leaning: Neutral]

Addition non-story Encounters

If the above encounters are all taken, or if you want some ideas for alternative encounters, here is a long list of possible encounters you can choose from, grouped by regions.

Homeland Encounters:

H1. Valley of Songs - Melodia Streets: Minstrel Jasper. A skilled minstrel named Jasper performs upbeat tunes in the bustling streets, offering to accompany the party with inspirational music during their travels through the city. His melodies help lift spirits and draw attention away from the party when needed. [Help]

H2. Valley of Songs - Opal Springs: Chef Yvonne. Master chef Yvonne invites the party to her esteemed hillside restaurant, serving them a complementary lavish five course meal complete with paired wines from her vineyard. She seeks to have adventurers sample her fare before embarking and wants the party to promote her restaurant. [Help]

H3. Valley of Songs - Silver Shoals: First Mate Kelvin. A ship's cheerful first mate named Kelvin offers the party discounted passage on his merchant ship the next time they need to sail after they heroically rescue him from pirates. He will regale them with sea shanties along the journey. [Help]

H4. Valley of Songs - Craggy Point: Con Artist Cyrus. A cunning vagrant named Cyrus swindles the party out of their coin with an elaborate sob story about a lost fortune and need for travel funds, playing on their sympathy before vanishing into the crowds. [Hinder]

H5. Valley of Songs - Melodia Adventurers Guild: Quest Giver Walter. A guild recruiter named Walter offers the party a minor quest to recover a stolen relic, leading them through traps and monsters to claim it. [Help]

H6. Valley of Songs - Jade Falls: Performer Zelda. A graceful acrobat named Zelda invites the party to watch her daring show of spins, flips, and aerial tricks for free from the best theater seats. [Help] 

H7. Valley of Songs - Saltwell Bay: Gambler Rix. A devious card shark named Rix lures the party into high stakes card games with rigged rules, under threat of violence if they expose his tricks. [Hinder]

H8. Valley of Songs - Eternal Rest Cemetery: Grave Robber Jules. A shifty loot thief named Jules offers to split valuables pillaged from ancestral tombs with the party in exchange for their help navigating traps. [Neutral]

H9. Valley of Songs - Ironpine Lodge: Hedonist Cassia. A decadent reveler named Cassia entices the party to overindulge in wild celebrations of vice deep in the forest, leading them into trouble. [Hinder]

H10. Valley of Songs - Blackrock Bay: Con Artists Pollux and Castor. A pair of grinning grifters named Pollux and Castor fool the party with elaborate ruses involving props, disguises, and diversions to swindle them out of coin. [Hinder]

H11. Valley of Songs - Melodia Bazaar: Merchant Sienna. A kindly dwarven jeweler named Sienna offers the party beautiful charms engraved with blessings to inspire them on their heroic endeavors. [Neutral] 

H12. Valley of Songs - Giantsrest Tavern: Adventurer Valorius. A boisterous half-orc veteran hero named Valorius regales the party over pints with epic embellished tales from his exploits across the realms. [Help]

H13. Valley of Songs - Raven's End Docks: Cutpurse Wren. A ragged street urchin named Wren pickpockets random party members as they take in the seedy waterfront sights, vanishing into the crowds. [Hinder]

H14. Valley of Songs - Melodia Conservatory: Maestro Apollo. A master half-elf musician named Apollo gives the party a soaring private concert on his magic violin, bolstering their confidence. [Help]

H15. Valley of Songs - Rose Quarters: Actor Prospero. A famed gnome thespian named Prospero entreats the party to patronize his troupe's performance of a legendary tale and enjoy it from their private box. [Neutral]

H16. Valley of Songs - Cinder Shore: Quack Doctor Ryker. A fraudulent physician named Ryker peddles the party fake elixirs, false cures, and mystical trinkets, charging exorbitant fees for his false services. [Hinder]

H17. Valley of Songs - Platinum Cemetery: Gravedigger Malcolm. A creepy elderly gravedigger named Malcolm unsettles the party with his morbid ramblings and rhymes as they pay respects to fallen heroes interred here. [Neutral]

H18. Valley of Songs - Moonrise Manor: Socialite Isadora. An esteemed half-elf socialite named Isadora insists the party attend her exclusive masquerade ball at her manor for access to aristocratic connections. [Help]

H19. Valley of Songs - Silver Shoals: Rogue Valen. A dashing tiefling rogue named Valen misleads the party for days, only to lead them into an elaborate trap as the climax of his grand betrayal scheme. [Hinder]

H20. Valley of Songs - Melodia Square: Fortune Teller Zosimos. A cryptic seer named Zosimos foretells both great fortune and ruin in the party's future after gazing into her crystal ball. [Neutral]

Grasslands Encounters:

G1. Grasslands - Golden Hills: Aurochs Herder Pelin. A kindly herder named Pelin welcomes the party to help tend the aurochs grazing on the gentle hills. [Neutral]

G2. Grasslands - Ruins of Silverwood: Historian Cael. A historian named Cael hires the party to help scout out an ancient ruined city said to have sunk beneath the plains. [Neutral]

G3. Grasslands - Great Forest: Cloudwalker Scout. A Cloudwalker scout named Aiyana emerges from the mists to warn the party of corrupted beasts ahead. [Help]

G4. Grasslands - Plain: Rogue Garrik. A roguish drifter named Garrik provokes the party into a high stakes game of cards, cheating them out of coin. [Hinder]  

G5. Grasslands - Twilight Hills: Stargazer Talia. A mystic stargazer named Talia reads the party's fortune in the night sky from atop a lonely hill. [Neutral]

G6. Grasslands - Serene River: Fisherman. Friendly fisherman Lonan offers the party his fresh catch for their journey downriver. [Help]

G7. Grasslands - Great Forest: Corrupted Treant. An ancient treant driven mad by dark magic attacks the party as they traverse its forest. [Hinder]

G8. Grasslands - Ruins of Silverwood: Treasure Hunter. A shifty treasure hunter named Rhys hires the party to scout trapped ruins but plans to swipe any loot first. [Neutral]

G9. Grasslands - Plain: Aurochs Stampede. A massive stampede of wild aurochs separates the party from each other amidst the chaos. [Hinder]

G10. Grasslands - Great Forest: Druid Circle. Druids perform a ritual in a stone circle granting the party mystic boons to aid their quest. [Help] 

G11. Grasslands - Twilight Hills: Wandering Minstrel. A cheerful halfling minstrel named Willa joins the party's campfire to lift spirits with song and tales. [Help]

G12. Grasslands - Serene River: River Guide. An experienced river guide named Kiona safely navigates the party down treacherous rapids. [Help]

G13. Grasslands - Ruins of Silverwood: Animated Armor. Ancient enchanted armor attacks the party while they explore the buried ruins. [Hinder] 

G14. Grasslands - Plain: Cloudwalker Chief. Respectful Cloudwalker chief Black Elk welcomes the party to his nomadic village for rest and supplies. [Help]

G15. Grasslands - Golden Hills: Herbalist. A wise centaur herbalist named Kelath blesses the party with medicinal remedies gathered under the full moon. [Help] 

G16. Grasslands - Great Forest: Beast Pack. A snarling pack of corrupted beasts stalks the party through the primal woods. [Hinder]

G17. Grasslands - Twilight Hills: Cave Hermit. A mad hermit named Rolf ambushes the party, thinking they've come to steal his cave treasures. [Hinder]

G18. Grasslands - Serene River: Siren. A deadly siren tries luring the party to a watery grave with its haunting song from the misty riverbank. [Hinder]

G19. Grasslands - Plain: Bandit Ambush. Devious bandits spring an ambush on the party while camping on the open plains. [Hinder]

G20. Grasslands - Ruins of Silverwood: Vengeful Spirit. An angry spirit of a fallen kingdom haunts the party the deeper they delve into the buried ruins. [Hinder]

Wasteland Encounters:

W1. Wastelands - Caravan: Outcast cyborgs. The party comes across a caravan of cyborg outcasts, their bodies grotesquely enhanced by mechanical augmentations. In raspy voices, they offer to graft weaponized prosthetics or other tech onto willing party members in exchange for precious food and water. [Neutral]

W2. Wastelands - Toxic Fog: Disfigured leper. A lone disfigured figure emerges from the toxic fog, their skin covered in oozing sores. They beg the party for aid, but their contagious disease could infect the party. If helped, they reveal a hidden cave with clean water before succumbing to their illness. [Hinder]

W3. Wastelands - Canyons: Lone scavenger. A ragged desert scavenger approaches the party, offering to guide them safely through the treacherous maze of canyons in exchange for protection on her illicit salvage runs. She knows hidden paths around bandit camps and poison gas vents. [Help]

W4. Wastelands - Slag Heap: Wicked marauders. Ruthless marauders covered in ritual scars and trophies capture the party with electro-nets and haul them back to their fortified slag heap encampment as slaves. The party must escape their sadistic rituals and mines. [Hinder]  

W5. Wastelands - Ravine: Floating orbs of light. Strange floating orbs of glowing sentient light appear, speaking in haunting voices only the party can hear. They warn of a deadly contaminated gorge ahead and guide the party around it safely. [Help]

W6. Wastelands - Shack: Crazed alchemist. A crazed alchemist living in a ramshackle desert shack offers the party experimental mutated potions with unpredictable effects for testing, from regeneration to bursting into flames. [Neutral]

W7. Wastelands - Ritual Site: Cultists. At a remote ritual site, the party discovers robed cultists chanting before a bubbling pit, summoning some vile winged demon from the depths to lay waste to all in its path. [Hinder]

W8. Wastelands - Plain: Desperate refugee. A refugee in tattered robes stumbles out of a smog cloud, begging the party to guide them out of the poisoned wastes to sanctuary. They reveal wicked marauders hunt them for escaping. [Neutral] 

W9. Wastelands - Crashed Airship: Ancient artifacts and tech. The party discovers a crashed airship from a lost civilization, its hull half-buried in the toxic sands. In its cracked compartments lie advanced artifacts, weapons, and tech waiting to be salvaged. [Neutral]

W10. Wastelands - Canyon: Giant sand worms. While sheltering from a dust storm in a rocky canyon, the party is attacked by giant sand worms bursting from the walls and floor, seeking to drag them into their underground lairs to feed. [Hinder]

W11. Wastelands - Desert: Half-mad prophet. A half-mad prophet covered in rags and weeping sores stumbles out of the wastes to deliver an ominous rhyming warning to the party before collapsing dead at their feet from plague. [Neutral]

W12. Wastelands - Hills: Feral cannibal degenerates. Savage feral degenerates covered in blood and bone trophies descend upon the party in the rocky hills, seeking to kill them and drag their bodies back to their filthy caves to feast upon. [Hinder]  

W13. Wastelands - Outcast Village: Poisoned water infects party. A wretched village of outcasts welcome the party, offering rest and supplies, but their fetid water carries a deadly disease that soon infects the party, causing debilitating sickness. [Hinder]

W14. Wastelands - Skies: Insectoid creatures. Strange buzzing insectoid creatures descend from the hazy green skies, trying to lasso party members with ropey tongues to drag them away into their mucous hives built along the poison canyon walls. [Hinder]

W15. Wastelands - Desert: Surviving android. The party discovers a half-buried android surviving alone in the wastes. It offers to share forbidden technological knowledge and upgrades with the party in exchange for finding it rare parts so it can repair and escape. [Help]

W16. Wastelands - Plain: Giant mutated flies. Bloated, distorted corpses left to rot in the sun attract swarms of giant mutated flies. The dog-sized flies descend upon the party, seeking to lay eggs in their flesh and feed upon them when they hatch. [Hinder]

W17. Wastelands - Canyon: Wasteland raiders. Wasteland raiders covered in tattered robes and makeshift gas masks ambush the party while traversing a narrow canyon, seeking to steal their equipment and fresh water. [Hinder]

W18. Wastelands - Oasis: Deceitful caretakers. A beautiful hidden oasis offers the party clean water and respite, but its caretakers are deceitful raiders who attack the party at night to enslave them and seize their goods. [Hinder] 

W19. Wastelands - Ravine: Tentacled worm. An enormous worm with writhing tentacles erupts from the ground, snatching a party member in its maw and swiftly dragging them below into its sprawling underground lair. [Hinder]

W20. Wastelands - Plain: Mutated brute. A hulking mutated humanoid charges the party from the poison mists, nearly impervious to physical harm. It batters them relentlessly, desiring only their demise. [Hinder]