VGM Library and Commissions

Are you looking to commission some music or other VGM related services? Maybe you have a game that needs music assets, or you have a personal favourite song that you would like to have covered just the way you would like to hear it. Search through our list of member composers to find the best person for the job.

You can filter the directory by using the Filter option and selecting any of the fields you want to filter on. Great for focusing on specific styles of music or services!

VGML Members can apply to join the directory, as can all of our partner server members!! If you have question, just ask on VGML.

Background to the Music Library

VGML is an amazing community, with people sharing music, taking on the composing challenges and generally talking about the VGM they love. We also have the exciting prospect of writing music for our own virtual orchestra, and a couple of projects underway for game mods. All of this is awesome, and helps us have fun and build up skills. The other side of VGML is trying to work out how to promote members' work, for those looking to earn something from their music. A lot of people dream of writing music for an actual video game one day.

The Composer Collective is an initiative to create an Original VGM Music Library for game devs and content creators to use, and to offer a license management and distribution system to manage VGML members music to collect royalties and income FOR members. 

The rational is the following:

Hence, the Music Library was created. Read more details here.

Commissions and Bespoke Music

Sometimes music from a library is not what you need... you might want to commission bespoke music, or license music exclusively. The Commissions Directory will help you find the right composer for your project.