Terms and Conditions

VGM Lounge Music - Terms and Conditions

VGM Lounge is a not-for-profit collection of VGM fans who create music for enjoyment to share with the world. When you submit a track to the Discord Server you are freely sharing it with members to listen to and provide feedback on. If you would like to promote your music further on one of the VGM Lounge channels you are very welcome to do so.

The music you share via the submit form here may be posted to the following locations:

BandLab - All original tracks will be posted here for anyone to listen to, and selected tracks will be included in albums there. They will not be made available for download, only streaming.

YouTube - All original and cover tracks will be posted here with a standard video format for anyone to listen to.

Bandcamp - Selected original tracks will be available on Bandcamp for streaming and purchase. Purchased albums can be downloaded.

X - Most tracks will be posted to X for promotion of the server and its members.

If any of the above generates revenue (ads or sales) that is considered a donation that will used to help fund the running of the Discord Server (Nitro boosts, bots, automation systems, etc). All work done towards the server and channels is voluntary and no-one gets paid for anything. ☺️

Copyright and Ownership of Music:

All music submitted by members remains the copyright of the contributing member. Members grant VGML rights to act on the members behalf to publish music to the above listed channels. Members can ask to remove tracks at any time, and are not restricted in any way to post their music to other services or to distribute their music commercially.

AI Music

While people can explore and share AI music in designated channels on the Discord server, no AI music will be shared via the above channels. We focus on human-made music! ♥️