This world is too small for war!

Thanks to everyone that participated in this project! The album has been release now on Bandcamp and details are on the Albums page.

Album Theme:
"This world is too small for war!"

Music style: Original work. Instrumental tracks preferred. Any genre, but if you wish to follow a VGM aesthetic that is encouraged. You may include sound design/effects and very limited vocal elements, but we will tightly vet any vocal songs for this project, and reserve the right to exclude vocal tracks from the album if they don't support the non-political requirements of this project. Words can be too divisive and we want the music to speak without needing words if possible.

Track length: around 3 minutes is ideal

Due Date:

Europe/Asia/Aust: Monday 28th March Extended to Monday 4th April.
Americas: Sunday 27th March Extended to Sunday 3rd April.

Submissions have now closed, thank you! The mini-album is being prepped for release.

Format: FLAC preferred, WAV or 192+kbps MP3.

This is a not-for-profit project.
Any money that is raised will be donated to one of the
organisations recommended here.

Making music in support of peace - join us.

VGML Discord is running a special event in place of our usual VGM composing challenge. We have all watched in horror the unfolding world events, watching a war that no-one thought could ever happen, and feeling sadness and anxiety for what this means for our future. Our video game music discord is focused on creating and listening to music together, supporting each other, no matter where you live in the world, no matter what your background. We believe that there is no longer a place in our small world for war, and as such we are inviting server members and friends to join us in expressing their feelings towards this tragic event through their music.

Instead of our usual composing challenge, we are going to spend the next 3 weeks making music that for us expresses the grief, the horror, the sadness and the desire to never allow a war like this to ever happen again. The music created can also be your messages of hope and solidarity for those that oppose the violence, those that have the courage to stand up and defend themselves against aggression. We are part of a world order that will not support such actions - OUR world is open, inclusive and respectful. We hope that world leaders can one day think the way we do.

Our server is absolutely non-political, and therefore we will not be engaging in any political debate, there will be no taking of sides, we will not tolerate hate, violence or retribution. We will only accept music and messages that reflect the conflicted personal feelings we are experiencing in response to these events, or that promote peace and resolution of conflict and support for those who are victims of a war that has no right to exist on our small world.

We invite you to join us, submit your music and have it included on an album to support those displaced by this war. We reserve the right to vet all tracks against the suitability criteria listed above. Inappropriate tracks will be removed.

Join the conversation here:

Submit your tracks below.

The album will be released on Bandcamp for free to stream, or pay-what-you-want if you would like to donate to a refugee aid non-profit.

If you are not currently a member of the VGML server, you are also very welcome to join and participate in the challenge on the server as well, or you can just upload tracks to the form below to participate in just the album.

Submitted tracks....