Round 5


Round 5: Finding creativity within constraints. Amazing free tools to get you creating right away.

14-Nov to 27-Nov. Deadline: Sunday End of the day 11:59pm 27 Nov UTC-0
Voting: 28 November - 4 December

Online Video Tutorials

Our challenges so far have been constrained by a theme, but this round, your constraint is the instrument choice, but that is not as bad as it sounds as our wonderful sponsor, Orchestral Tools, apart from making lots of cool professional libraries, also have a range or fantastic free instruments available for us to experiment with!

These libraries run in the free SINE Player (you don't need Kontakt or anything else)! Its pretty lightweight and there are heaps of articulations and ways to adjust your instruments.

Lets show Orchestral Tools how creative we can get!!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is...

Orchestral Tools has a whole bunch of free instruments available for us to try out... using SINEfactory! Your challenge is to use only the free SINE instruments to compose an awesome game theme track.

  • Option 1: Using only the free instruments in SINE, you are tasked with writing new theme music for one of the game releases shown. Which you choose is up to you! If this is too much choice, then you must do Stray!! ;-)

    Time to get creative!!

  • Note 1: You can use any effects style VSTs you like, just not instruments.

  • Note 2: You can add live vocals to your track if you wish, but not using VSTs.

  • Note 3: You can't use straight samples either. :-) Must be from the VST. Non-instrumental SFX would be ok - but not pads/instruments/percussion or similar.

  • Option 2: If for some reason you simply cannot use SINE (maybe you compose in a tracker or something that doesn't handle VSTs?) then you can submit a sad track using this image as a reference about how sad you feel that you can't use SINE for this challenge. :-)

  • Post your track to the #challenge-submissions channel
    mp3 file naming is: [your discord].[track name].mp3

Submission Requirements:

  • Post your track to the #challenge-submissions channel on the server as an MP3 audio file before the due date.

  • Please indicate if you are posting for Option 1 or Option 2. For option 1, say which game you composed for!

  • Briefly explain how you approached the process of making your track and the instruments you used.

  • Your track should be more than 1 minute long for this challenge.


As always, remember the challenge is to participate and try something new, so.... just have fun!!

We will ping Orchestra Tools to show off all the cool tracks you make using SINE Factory.

For people that are looking for some additional orchestral pads, Orchestral Tools also offers a free bundle for SINE called Layers that you can download and use in this challenge! Bonus time!

Game List

  • Dying Light 2 - Stay Human

  • Bayonetta 3

  • God of War - Ragnarok

  • Starfield

  • Elden Ring

  • Pokemon Legends - Arceus

  • A Plaguetale - Requiem

  • Horizon - Forbidden West

  • Suicide Squad

  • Avatar - Frontiers of Pandora

  • Ghostwire - Tokyo

  • Hogwarts Legacy

  • Gran Turismo 7

  • Forspoken

  • Little Devil Inside

  • Stray