Show us what you've got!
Game play music replacement challenge.

VGML is focused on making and enjoying video game music, and many of us would like to create music for games one day... but it is hard to get recognized. To celebrate our 5th birthday, and as part of the Beloved Games season theme we are asking you to "Show us what you've got!" and make your own music for your most beloved video game.

Round 8 is your chance to remake a section of game play music from your favourite game in your own style. Find or record a portion of game play video (around 3 mins long) and remake the music to show how you would have done it! There are no restrictions on style or approach, so make this your own!

Once done, please submit an mp4 video that merges the game play with your music track, so I can include it in a VGML promo video of all the entries. This is a chance to get your music noticed by game devs. The final video will be shared on YouTube and X for the world to see.

Step 1: Pick a section of game play video from your most beloved video game. Either record your own video or capture some gameplay from a YouTube video. (Remember to credit the source.)

Step 2: Either compose your own original music to replace the existing game play music or create a cover of the original music from the game (or a cover of a track you think works better!)

Step 3: Create a video, replacing the existing music for the game play video with your music, and upload the MP4 video for the challenge.
(If this is tricky for you, you can upload the video clip and the music and I will do the replacement for you.)

Videos can be uploaded along with an MP3 of your music to the VGM Lounge website.

If you want to upload your creation to your YouTube channel you can post the link to that when submitting your track as well.