How challenges work

Step 1 - Join

Select a challenge to join! You must join before you can participate in a challenge, as this setups up the system to record everything. Join by reacting to the Challenge announcement message on the Discord server with a...
🎵 for the original music challenge,
🎚️for the cover/remix challenge,
🎼for the arrangement/orchestration challenge or
🎨for the art challenge. You can join any one, or all four!

The challenge system uses your official Discord name ID to track everything. The bot will post a list of joining members at least once a day to the Discord server.

Step 2 - Submit

You can start working on your challenge track/art right away while your application to join is being processed, usually within 24 hours. You won't be able to submit a track until your application has been processed and you receive a token to use for submitting. Once your track is complete you must submit your challenge track/art on this website, and they will be held until the round finishes, and then published on the Discord server simultaneously with all the submissions for that round. (Its OK to submit a WIP too if you run out of time!) Please take note of the close date/time as you won't be able to submit late! Members can then start voting. :-) When you first submit via the website, please mark it as your initial submission, and if you need to post an update to your submission before the round closes, mark it as an update. (You can post multiple updates, but try to avoid that please. The last track/art you post will be the one released for voting and feedback.)

Step 3 - Vote

Once all the submissions are published to the server your can start voting and leaving feedback. For an official vote you can use the 💖 emoji, but feel free to add others if you want as well (they are not counted in voting).

Each submission will have a thread auto-created for it, and you will only be able to post feedback in the threads. If you vote for a submission, you can also leave official feedback for that submission. For an official feedback to be counted make sure your text starts with the text "Feedback:" so that the system knows to count that post, and ensure your post is long enough to qualify. The details are in the thread.

Current Open Challenges:

You can join an In Progress challenge any time before the Round End date, if you think you have time to submit before the cutoff. Remember you join by reacting to the emojis on the Discord server announcement post. Make sure you submit on time, as late entries won't get processed. You won't be able to join a Scheduled event until its posted to the server and set to the "In Progress" status.

Challenge Submissions

Challenge Results Summary