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Relax, rewind, and reconnect through video game music. 

VGM Lounge is a Video Game Music Discord server, and it is the premier place to listen to music from your favorite video games, enjoy original compositions/remixes made by composer members, join our regular friendly VGM composing challenges, and discuss your favorite video game OSTs with friendly fans.

We also have several 24x7 Radio stations on the server, including one exclusively for member created tracks. In 2022 VGML is releasing a series of member created, VGM inspired albums on Bandcamp, free for everyone to listen too - a great resource if you are looking for a VGM composer for your next project.

This is a friendly, supportive, non-toxic and carefully managed community that focuses on video game music, composition, art and game play. You can share your creative work, get feedback and listen to heaps of VGM.

Come check us out; we'll be expecting you! 

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VGML Challenges Season 10 

Have you got a VGM challenge you have been itching to unleash on the community? Here is your chance... suggest a challenge round and battle it out with the crew to vote for the most enticing VGM making challenge. The challenge can be as simple or as challenging as you can devise and members will decide how brave they are feeling. The highest voted will become the next challenge round for Season 10.

🎵 Calling all composers! Create an epic soundtrack for siege battles on the new Minecraft server, Mvndicraft - Lords at War. Capture the thrill of medieval warfare!  🎵

If you love VGM as much as we do, check out our Ultimate VGM Playlist on YouTube!

Thanks to everyone that contributed, especially to Fove!!

Embark on a Musical Journey in
VGM Quest - Legends of the Lounge!

VGM Quest is a simple and fun roleplaying style adventure that invites you to join the quest by composing your own video game music! Adopt an NPC encounter, write their backstory, create a custom music theme and take on the role of that character in the game to influence the outcome of the story of our party of heroes.

In this music-driven campaign, you'll meet fellow composers, forge new friendships, and experience an evolving story where your music and your choices influence the narrative. The journey begins when our band of heroes receive a call to action from the Kingdom of Melodia. Heed the call and bring your creative spirit!

VGM Quest offers a one-of-a-kind RPG style music making experience grounded in your musical imagination. Your compositions will sound the note of destiny for our heroes as the party braves dark forests, ancient ruins, sprawling cities, and realms beyond our imagination. Together, we will weave an unforgettable tapestry of music, myth, and adventure.

Read more!!

Chapter 2 is now closed. Please stay tuned for Chapter 3 in the next few months.

What is VGM Quest all about...?

Watch the introduction to the world of VGM Quest.

Watch the full video for Chapter 1!

Watch the full video for Chapter 2!

Discord, Albums, VGM Radio, Challenges, Education, Chat and more!

VGM Lounge provides opportunities for aspiring and emerging music composers interested in Video Game Music to create, share and learn about making music. This includes composing, music theory, production, distribution and, in the near future, implementing music assets within video games. It is a volunteer run group that brings together musicians, composers, artists and fans from around the world in a shared love of VGM in an environment of friendly cooperation and support.

What do we do? Check out the showcase video for an idea of the composing side of VGML.

VGM Lounge proudly presents to you, Bards of the Wild - Original Music to Save Hyrule! Experience Breath of the Wild with 49 unique and never-before heard tracks, made by 25 composers. 

Join Jacob for a final walk through of the game, and release details! Check details on the Discord server.
Friday 23/6 7pm Central European Time.

If you make VGM style music, originals or covers, you will find VGM Lounge a very welcoming home. Join our challenges and submit tracks for our VGML Albums on Bandcamp!

What can you do on VGM Lounge?

The Video Game Music Lounge is a server dedicated to video game music & soundtracks, and like discussion. Are you a fan? Then you've made it to home away from home! 

ARE YOU A VGM COMPOSER?: Do you create, arrange, remaster, cover, or remix music? Post some work in #composer-corner, or ping/DM an admin, and you will be given the Composer role. We also have software roles which can be selected in #add-roles! 

CHALLENGES: We also run regular friendly challenges for music creators. Check the details here.

ALBUMS: We are releasing lots of albums of VGM inspired original music made by members. Available on Bandcamp and YouTube, and we are offering YouTube license management and distribution options to other streaming services via a sister site,

MEMBERS YOUTUBE: Do you have a YouTube channel and publish VGM related material... why not add it to our dedicated members YouTube channel for everyone on the server to enjoy. You publish your videos and the bot will put them on the server!

GAME DEV: Are you interested in having your music appear in video games? We are setting up collaborations with game devs to do just this!

24/7 RADIO: We have our own radio station of member made music streaming 24x7, with special shows from time to time.

VGM Bootcamp Challenges

VGML Albums

VGM Lounge Album - Chilled

VGML is releasing a number of albums of VGM inspired original music made by our members, and release to Bandcamp for free streaming (or buy if you want to support the server) and to YouTube. This is a showcase of members talent, and this album is themed around Chilled themes that might work in a game.

VGM Lounge Album - Fantasy

Fantasy is our second album release, focused on tracks that you might find in a Fantasy style game. This video version brings all the tracks together for your enjoyment. Albums are also on Bandcamp.

I know that tune!

Are you curious how sometime video game music can sound like something you have heard before? Well this curiosity is an addiction for one of our members. PhilsPhindings is a series of blog post exploring exactly this topic, and we are creating a series of videos to match, called "I know that Tune"

One day some games music enthusiasts embarked on a journey to find pop music that reminded them of the game music that they like. Some pop music reminded them more of their game music than other music. They decided to document their findings in the hopes that it might inspire future generations of composers. 

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